Woodworm Treatments in Peterborough

Woodworm Treatments in Peterborough – 25 Year Guarantee

Historians believe that the first person to chronicle what we now know as Peterborough was a the Benedictine monk called Hugh Candidus, wrote during the 12th century that it was ‘built in a fair spot, and a goodly, because on the one side it is rich in fenland, and in goodly waters, and on the other it has the abundance of ploughlands and woodlands’.

So if anyone reading this has ever wondered where the name for ‘that’ pub in Bretton in Peterborough came from (‘The Fayre Spot’, formerly the ‘Fayre Sport and Goodly’) now you know. The city of Peterborough was substantially shaped by the 19th and 20th centuries, more than any other era, and more recently has seen a large increase in migrants originating from countries like Poland and Lithuania contributing to it being one of the fastest growing cities in the whole of the UK. At the last count the population was thought to be around 183,000.

If you are looking for woodworm companies in Peterborough or seeking a woodworm specialist in Cambridgeshire, you will be pleased to know that Heritage Timber Care, a UK woodworm specialist, is actually based in the PE post codes just outside the city. Heritage is able to offer free woodworm advice, a range of woodworm treatment options, including insecticide, fumigation and heat treatment. And being so local to you, a woodworm survey will be no problem.

Our woodworm treatments come with a 25 year guarantee, we are full members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and our technicians have undergone specialist training in woodworm infestations and treatment.