The commonly used phrase ‘woodworm’ is in fact a generic term for a few, quite different wood boring beetles that target exposed timber and which can cause significant structural damage to a property or furniture if left unchecked. The adult wood boring beetles lay their eggs onto or just into untreated wood, and the woodworm larvae then burrow into the wood and feed on the starches, sugars and proteins in the sap for anything up to five years. When the woodworm beetle is ready to emerge as an adult, it moves close to the surface, pupates and then bores out of the wood.

The tell-tale small round woodworm holes you see are not the woodworm grubs boring in, but the woodworm beetles boring out, so most people only realise they need a professional woodworm treatment after the woodworm infestation has become well established. If you do see signs of woodworm damage or are finding insects, you need to look at contacting specialist woodworm treatment companies quickly, because when they emerge, the female woodworm beetles have one thing on their mind, and that’s mating and laying new eggs.

It is important for us to try and not only establish whether the woodworm infestation is active or historic, but also to identify the species of wood boring beetle that is causing the damage. The first point of call is to telephone our woodworm specialists in the office for a free, no obligation telephone consultation, or drop us an email with pictures of your woodworm problem to .

When we are considering approaches for getting rid of woodworm, it’s important to understand that different types of woodworm, different levels of infestation and different types of property require a variety of timber pest treatments. We may be dealing with woodworm in floorboards (and under them) at ground level; woodworm in attic spaces; or woodworm in furniture. All require slightly different approaches. In certain circumstances an intensive insecticidal or fumigation treatment alone may not be sufficient.

An historic issue will usually need a precautionary protective treatment for woodworm and many customers enquire about preventative woodworm treatments. If the woodworm infestation is clearly active, a more intense woodworm treatment will be needed.

 Signs of woodworm

At Heritage Timber Care we are specialists in woodworm treatment. If you need advice on a possible wood boring beetle infestation, the first step is to give a Heritage woodworm expert a call. Our RSPH Level II qualified technicians have undergone high level wood boring beetle and timber care training with the Property Care Association, and we are able to offer with a friendly and no-obligation consultation, from which we can often give you an idea on woodworm treatment cost for over the phone.

We offer national coverage for woodworm problems throughout England, Scotland and Wales and our woodworm treatments carry a 25-YEAR GUARANTEE, with certificates provided. For a free, no -obligation consultation on how to get rid of woodworm, please call 0800 524 4291 or email , including your name, phone number and post code. If you can, include some pictures.

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Woodworm Treatment Options


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