Heat Treatment of Furniture And Ornamental Wooden Items

Heat Treatment of Furniture and Ornamental Wooden Items

This is where heat treatment for woodworm comes in. With this approach, the item or items are sheeted over and the air inside the sheets brought up to temperature.

The key to successful heat treatment of antique furniture and other items is to not bring up the temperature too high, but to heat for an extended period. This does two things. Firstly it gives enough time for the heat to penetrate right through the wood, exterminating all life stages of the woodworm – the eggs, the larvae and the adults.

Secondly, it means that the item retains moisture, and it thus protected from splitting or cracking. This furniture heat treatment approach is also appropriate where an entire item is coated with paint or varnish which cannot be removed, rendering an insecticidal approach ineffective.

If you are exporting an item of furniture, customs rules in some countries insist on the items being properly treated before arriving in the country. We carry out many woodworm heat treatments in these circumstances, and are able to provide you with the required woodworm certification.

Heat Treatment of Wooden Items

  • Item is sheeted over and air inside is superheated and maintained for several hours .
  • Kills all life stages on the wood boring beetle in situ.
  • Non-toxic woodworm treatment.

Furniture Pod Heat Treatment

Heritage Timber Care is also able to offer a unique pod heat treatment service for the heat treatment of furniture items. The advantage of this service is that it can be carried out on site with the items placed into the heat pod and gradually heated over several hours, killing the woodworm, larvae and eggs without damaging the expensive items affected.

If you are interested in having an item or furniture or ornamental wood treated for woodworm with either insecticide or heat treatment, please email us a photograph to  including your name, telephone number and post code.