Woodworm Treatments in Northampton

Woodworm Treatments in Northampton – 25 Year Guarantee

The Domesday Book of 1086 shows Northampton consisting of 300 houses. Its history with shoe making goes back centuries – records show than shoe makers in Northampton made 4000 shoes and 600 boots for the army in 1644. By 1832 a third of the men living in Northampton were shoe makers, and alongside the thriving industry many large houses were built for factory owners and smaller residences built for the workers. And when in 1987 a group of local school teachers got together at The Princess Royal Inn on Wellingborough Road to form a professional football club, it was inevitable that they would become known as The Cobblers.

If you have a problem with woodworm and are looking for a woodworm company in Northampton and the surrounding towns and villages, you will be please to learn that as one of the UK’s top woodworm treatment specialists, Heritage Timber Care is based in Northamptonshire. So as a local company to you we can usually arrange a woodworm survey or treatment at short notice, or we are happy to offer you free advice on woodworm infestations over the phone.

We provide range of woodworm treatment options in Northamptonshire and the surrounding towns and villages, including the application of professional strength woodworm insecticide, fumigation for wood boring beetles, precautionary woodworm treatments and heat treatment for woodworm.
No job is too big or too small, whether we are treating joists, rafters and beams in an attic with woodworm, floorboards showing woodworm damage, one of Northamptonshire’s many historic churches, or just an item of furniture with woodworm holes. We can also offer precautionary woodworm treatments and top-up applications.

Our insecticidal and fumigation woodworm treatments come with a 25-year guarantee. We are full members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and our technicians have undergone specialist training in woodworm infestations and treatment. Being so close to Northampton ourselves we can usually carry out a woodworm survey or treatment at short notice.