Woodworm Treatments in Kettering

Woodworm Treatments in Kettering – 25 Year Guarantee

Kettering is mentioned in the Domesday Book but wasn’t until the 19th century that things really took off when the town became famous for its shoe making, and the railway came to town.

Many large homes in around Headlands and Rockingham Road were built for factory owners who did rather well thank you out of making shoes and boots, while terraced streets provided accommodation for the workers.

The industry’s laces came undone from the 1970s onwards as large footwear-manufacturers such as Dolcis, Freeman, Hardy and Willis, Frank Wright and Timpsons either closed down altogether, or took their operations overseas.
As one of the top woodworm treatment companies in the country, Heritage Timber Care services Kettering and the surrounding towns and villages and indeed we are based in Northamptonshire ourselves.

As a local company we are able to offer free and friendly woodworm advice and we offer a range of treatment options including insecticidal application for woodworm, combination wood boring beetle treatments and heat treatment for woodworm, plus precautionary woodworm applications.

Our woodworm spray treatments come with a 25-year guarantee, we are full members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and our technicians have undergone specialist training in woodworm infestations and treatment. Being so close to Kettering ourselves we can usually carry out a woodworm survey or treatment at short notice.