Frequently Asked Questions


It can be quite difficult to ascertain whether woodworm are active or whether the damage and holes are historic, especially if you buy an item of antique furniture with signs of woodworm, or if you move into a new place and find some signs of woodworm. Aside from finding and identifying live or dead insects (see Types of Wood Boring Beetle) the main ways of telling if woodworm are active are:

  1. Fresh dusting or frassing under or next to the holes;
  2. You can see light coloured wood in the holes, which have sharp edges;
  3. Edges of wooden beams and joists are breaking away to reveal fresh, light wood underneath.

For ten tops on how to identify signs of woodworm, see 9 signs of a woodworm infestation

We would not advise treating woodworm yourself. Professional strength insecticide is required, use specialist equipment, and only qualified pest controllers can buy and use strong woodworm killer sprays like this.


At Heritage Timber care our experts are dealing with enquiries about professional woodworm treatments every day, and we can often ascertain enough from a telephone consultation and a few images to be able to offer you an estimate for the woodworm treatment cost over the phone.

However, there are situations, in particular in larger domestic properties and public buildings, when we really need to inspect the level and extent of infestation and the preparation involved to be able to carry out the treatment safely and effectively. A woodworm survey is also often needed when property purchase in involved. Following our site visit we provide a comprehensive pictorial survey which details in full the extent of the problem, advised treatment approach, risk assessment, preparation needed prior to treatment and a firm quotation of the woodworm treatment cost. This can be provided by email as a PDF. The first step is always to give us a call on 0800 524 4291, or email .

The phrase ‘what does a woodworm treatment cost?’’ is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive in our offices. But it’s not one we can answer online without more information about the areas or items that need treating, and talking to you about which woodworm treatment is most appropriate in your case. We also need to try and work out if the woodworm problem is active currently or not. Talking to a woodworm specialist at our offices is free and we are very often able to give you an idea of the cost of a woodworm treatment over the phone. Call us on 0800 524 4291 or email .

The only practical and effective non-toxic woodworm treatment we would ever recommend is heat treatment. Heat treatment is an eco-friendly woodworm treatment and can be used very effectively to treat items of furniture. We can enclose the item and treat it gradually over several hours, so as not to draw too much moisture out, while still killing all life stages of the wood boring beetle. Heat treatment can also be useful when you have to work out how to dry out damp wood as well as treat for woodworm at the same time.

As with any professional strength insecticide, proper PPE and breathing apparatus is required during the treatment phase, and during the drying period. We advise that you should not re-enter the treated areas for at a least four hours after completion, and that internal rooms are given some air when you re-enter. Ideally pets should be kept away from the treated rooms, areas or items for 24 hours.

Yes , we offer fully guaranteed woodworm treatments. Our Insecticidal Woodworm Treatments and Intensive Fumigation Woodworm Services come with a 25 year guarantee. We provide full certificate if required.